Based on the needs of the customer, driven by the size and structure of the company, we adapt our tasks and our support.

No-nonsense approach

Simple and honest solutions, supported with the latest technologies so that we can efficiently guide you as a customer.

Permanent learning

A growing company where healthy business growth is combined with personal growth, stimulated by a constant 'learning and improvement culture'.


We opt for the digital approach, paperless accounting such as the digitization of all your accounting documents so that we contribute our part to a healthier world.

The values ​​and vision of Thesora


Customised solutions for SMEs from A to Z

The SMEs

We want to make our customers grow in their entrepreneurship and therefore actively participate in their projects. We are also ready to help them through evil days.

In addition to our basic task, of accountant and tax consultant, we want to assist the active entrepreneurs in the first place as "financial advisor". After all, most SMEs do not have their own CFO. We would therefore like to take on the principal duties of a financial director in a monthly report at the invitation of the board of directors.

If there is a need for this, we are also prepared, together with the shareholders and company managers, to develop a vision and mission as an independent director and to set out a strategy to achieve the set goals and to ensure that the company is "properly", according to well-defined values ​​and making use of well-defined rules.

We also want to give appropriate attention to family businesses and, where necessary, advise or mediate between the company, which aims to pursue profitability and productivity, the shareholders, who only pay attention to return and value appreciation, and the family, where harmony, equality and unity often occur. looking for.

Also, thriving entrepreneurship must go hand in hand with quality of life for the shareholder / entrepreneur or manager.

The non-profit organizations and autonomous public companies

Our mission is to help these service providers grow by providing immediately applicable insights and knowledge that enable them to expand their potential.

In the edge

We want to be the reference in the region in the belief that our growth goes hand in hand with the growth of our customers.

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