The Missing Link in SMEs

SMEs always find themselves confronted with a wide range of problems, and in many instances the company directors are not even aware of all the pitfalls that are inherent in that particular type of company!

We customise our service so that we can act as the “missing link” in SMEs. After all, a full-time financial manager is often a great luxury for many companies in our SME landscape.

And yet the need for strategic management today is greater than it has ever been. The absence of someone in this management position leads to unsolvable problems sooner or later. That is where we can assist you in making important strategic and operational decisions. To this end, we use an arsenal of analyses on continuity, strengths and weaknesses and financial aspects.

Perhaps you need a feasibility study before investing, or perhaps you need to carry out some benchmark studies in order to optimise an investment, etc. We will work together with you and ask you a thousand and one questions… and assist you throughout the whole process from beginning to end.

Policy Support Advice

If you meet the description of the M in SME, you can benefit from policy support advice that we can offer your board of directors and the General Meeting.

The traditional role of accountant involved providing correct figures, but we go further and provide you with the proper insight into these figures. This includes optimisation of the capital structure, but also to set up a structure for the purposes of tax optimisation.

We span the gap between capital structure and sources of financing and advise on how you can finance your activities. Weighing up and finding the correct balance between outside funds and corporate capital form part of this procedure. Once this balance has been created, all that remains is to raise external funds. We try to work out the optimal financing structure, whereby we defend your interests among your and our banking contacts, asset managers and even business angels.

Lean Methodology

Naturally, the heart of the matter remains your core activities.

Most companies’ day-to-day business operations could benefit from being organised more efficiently. We follow the lean methodology and focus on avoiding wastage (extra time, work or material) so that you are not providing products or services that add no value.

The efficient organisation of administrative tasks is an essential tool in this. By implementing an efficient organisation of administrative tasks, one achieves targeted management data processing (the numbers tell the tale!) You benefit from management reporting, which is your policy instrument that ensures that you achieve your business plan. When assisting with the above-mentioned processes, it is important to take a no-nonsense approach that is effective and efficient. We guarantee you no-nonsense!

No-Nonsense Guidance

In guiding the aforementioned processes, it is important to tackle this from a no-nonsense basis, effectively and efficiently. We are also guarantor for that!

Advice for companies

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