About Thesora

Customised solutions from A to Z in the Brussels periphery

Our accountancy office, Thesora, is located in the Brussels periphery.

This is why we set ourselves the goal of providing “customised solutions for SMEs from A to Z” – so that we can help meet these needs!

In addition to normal tasks, accounting and tax matters, we are also happy to help you with all the different stages of your venture. Irrespective of whether you are a one-man show, a one-man company, whether you head a small or medium-sized enterprise or if you are the baker around the corner, whether you are self-employed, a manufacturer or an industrialist!

Ingevolge de toenemende opportuniteiten voor KMO’s in Europa en zelfs ver daarbuiten, levert ons kantoor ook diensten aan internationale klanten.

Our team is made up of people with the right skills. They also have permanent access to experts in different areas of specialisation such as asset managers, company auditors, lawyers, notaries, HR managers, insurance companies, bankers, IT specialists, real estate specialists, business angels and even independent directors.

We are supported by the contacts we have built up ourselves in the most important EU member states for our country.

Putting all the different services that we offer SMEs into a nutshell is impossible. So we have prepared a non-exhaustive description of our main activities.

Thesora has offices in Dilbeek and Roosdaal. The company’s head office is in Dilbeek, just a stone’s throw from the Brussels Ring road. We are also at your service in our Roosdaal office.

The history of Thesora


Our firm of accountants, located in the Brussels Periphery municipality of Dilbeek and founded in the 1980s, was given a new impetus in 2004 under the leadership of Paul Speeckaert and Herman Smet, founding partners.

The values ​​of Thesora

Our values, vision and mission

Accountancy performance and tax advice itself is no longer sufficient for the clients we serve today. We make the difference with our values, vision and mission.

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