Paul Speeckaert van Thesora

Paul Speeckaert

Paul Speeckaert obtained a degree in Business Administration (HUB) in 1985.

In 1988 he supplemented this with a postgraduate degree in Taxation Studies (FHS), culminating in his title of Accountant/Tax Consultant. In 1996, he enrolled in a one-year specialisation programme in Accountancy at the Ehsal Management School.

He started his career at a Brussels auditing firm, after which he switched careers, going to work in the accounting sector.

Paul has now been working in this sector for over 25 years, and in 2004 he joined forces with Herman Smet, founding Thesorafisc.

He mainly focuses on the daily management of client files, specialising in direct taxes and corporate law. His work primarily centres on accounts that involve the tax-related aspects of asset management, succession planning and optimisation with respect to immovable property.

Paul speaks fluent Dutch, French and English.

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