Herman Smet van Thesora

Herman Smet

Herman Smet has more experience than anyone else in our firm. He graduated in 1980, obtaining a degree in Business Studies, and went on to specialise in Marketing & Distribution (1981) and Tax Science (1985).

After joining Kantoor A. Vindevogel in 1981 and working for the firm for several years, Herman joined forces with Paul Speeckaert for a management buyout in 2004. This culminated in Thesorafisc.

Herman Smet has several years’ experience in all aspects of direct taxation. Over the years, he has developed good contacts with the tax administration, which has enhanced the company’s excellent reputation.

He mainly specialises in small and medium-sized companies, as well as private individuals (personal income tax) and sole proprietors. Since the inception of the Institute of Accountants (IDAC), which was subsequently renamed IAB (Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants), Herman has been registered as an accountant/tax consultant.

Herman speaks fluent Dutch and French.

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